Powering safe, solvent and trustless trading of any asset.

MARKET Protocol has been created to provide a secure, flexible, open source foundation for decentralized trading on the Ethereum blockchain. We provide the pieces necessary to create a decentralized exchange, including the requisite clearing and collateral pool infrastructure, enabling third parties to build applications for trading.


Issues with current exchanges

  • centralized, limited access
  • security, safety, and custody of funds
  • hard to short or hedge digital assets
  • limited exposure to cross-chain or real world assets
  • exchange

    How we solve these issues

    MARKET Protocol Smart Contracts decentralize accounting, custody of funds and position management.

  • Fully collateralized
  • Trustless
  • Real world and digital assets
  • On-chain

  • easily short crypto assets without borrowing
  • enables traders and businesses to hedge price
  • exchange





  • gain cross-chain exposure without taking custody of the underlying asset
  • no need for multiple exchanges and wallets
  • leftarrowbitcoin


  • recreate traditional off-chain relationships like AAPL/USDT using stable coins such as Tether or Maker Dai
  • leftarrowtether

    Easily create new contracts


    Base Token

    What ERC20 token is used for collateral?


    Oracle Solution

    Who provides the external data for trade settlement?


    Reference Asset

    What is the underlying asset?

  • Users can create contracts with MARKET Protocol’s dApp guiding them through the process
  • A contract defines the ERC20 token used as collateral, the oracle and the reference asset.
  • Once created, MARKET Protocol contracts are deployed to the blockchain allowing trustless, many to many trading
  • Exiting a position is as easy as trading with another user or holding the contract until expiration
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    Build your dApp on MARKET Protocol

    As a protocol, MARKET enables third parties to build applications for trading, order routing and related activities. The protocol is open source and available under the Apache 2.0 license.

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