The Team

Founding members of our team have been managing a 24-hour algorithmic trading group since 2014 and cumulatively have over 30 years of electronic trading experience. We have expertise in market microstructure, order routing, order management and have written directly to exchanges across the globe.

The rest of the MARKET team comes from a diverse set of technical backgrounds.

Together, we quickly realized how immature the crypto exchanges were. This created an opportunity for conceptualization and development of MARKET which provided us a blank slate to address issues with both the crypto and traditional exchange models.

Seth Rubin
CEO & Co-Founder

Phil Elsasser
CTO & Co-Founder

Collins Brown
COO & Co-Founder

Eswara Sai
Senior Frontend Developer

Robert Jordan
Product Manager

Perfect Makanju
Software Developer

Przemyslaw Szulczynski
Software Developer

Lazar Jovanovic
Marketing/Brand Ambassador

Mauzy Keshavarzi
Community Manager


Patrick Charles
Data Science & Analytics Pipeline Architect

Brian Shields
Co-Founder, Coder Inc.

Dan Horowitz
Senior Vice President Engineering, 1010 Data

Josh Fraser
Co-Founder, Origin Protocol

Brent Traidman
Chief Revenue Officer, Bread

Casper Johansen
Co-Founder, Spartan Group

Rob Behnke
Founder, Token Agency

Kevin Owocki
Founder, GitCoin

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